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  • Have you stopped answering your phone?
  • Are collection calls bothering you at home, at work?
  • Are family members and your neighbors getting phone calls asking about you?

I know these things happen because I have helped many individuals who have experienced the same things you are going through. You do not have to put up with abusive collection calls. We can stop creditors and help you put an end to it all collection attempts legally and immediately through the bankruptcy laws available to you.


There are many signs that you may have financial problems:

  • You have maxed out your credit cards and have no savings
  • You are behind on house or car payments
  • You are being sued, your paycheck is being garnished, or you are facing foreclosure
  • You are so far in debt in debt that you don't really know how much money you owe
  • You use one form of credit to pay other debt ("robbing Peter to pay Paul.")
  • You are living paycheck to paycheck
  • You have stopped opening mail from your creditor
  • You pay no more than the minimum on your credit cards
    You are getting phone call from your creditors
  • Your outstanding credit card debt is more than 30% of your total available credit
  • You have been through a recent divorce or job loss

Admitting that you are having financial problems is the first step in trying to help yourself. If you catch your problems early enough, you can consider using credit counseling and budgeting techniques to try to solve your problems.


There are several alternatives to bankruptcy that need to be considered, click here for more information.

If you have already reduced your expenses but still come up short each month, you need to call Edward J. Fintel & Associates to discuss your options.